V2 Consulting has as it's foundation the ancient Art and Science of Vastu. This particular form of Vastu comes from a tradition that dates back over 13,500 years and is now found recorded on palm leaves housed by the Government of India.

Original Vastu Science is being translated for the first time in centuries by scientists who understand the principals of physics and mathematics as well as the mechanics of consciousness (vastu) becoming conscious of itself (vaastu). Vastu becoming Vaastu hence V2. In other words, “this science deals with the eternal process of the subtle energy manifesting into material space or material form. In short, it is the science of manifestation of energy into matter or material form.” - Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati

A Lost Art and Science

Vastu has been a lost art and science for centuries because the detailed scientific texts (which include knowledge of quantum physics, astro physics, astronomy, nuclear physics, and mathematics) were not understood by scholars over the past centuries. Hence, the crucial scientific and mathematical aspects of Vastu were left out of the Vedic texts. Without the scientific and mathematical technologies, all that remained was superstition and partial truth.   It is through the efforts of the late Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati, an eminent architect and sculpture and teacher, that the ancient science and art of Vastu is being revived in ts completeness.

Dr. Sthapati has translated and studied thousands of texts written by the author of original vastu. With the knowledge gained from this and what he learned through generations of family experience in vastu, Dr. Sthapati was able to revive age-old authentic Vastu. This brought new knowledge and accuracy to the present day art and science of Vastu.

The Progenitor of Vastu

This ancient work was originated by a great scientist / artist Mayan over 13,500 years ago. Mayan lived on a landmass south of India, that was covered with water by the great deluge. Mayan migrated to Southern India during that time and established vastu as a dynamic science and technology.  His work covered numerous areas including architecture, sculpture, dance, music and other art forms, astronomy and astrology, and herbology.

At one point in history many cultures based their architecture, art, herbology etc. on Mayonic Science.  In addition to the East Indian culture, cultures of China, Mexico and central and Southern Americas used Mayonic Science and Technology as the basis of their culture. Because of the use of Mayonic Science, some of those cultures adopted the name Mayan. The name Mayan is derived from Tamil – the language of South India and the language in which the original vaastu texts are written.

Mayan was an individual who had the depth and clarity of perception to understand the physics of manifestation of Pure Consciousness from its unmanifest state (vastu) to its manifest state (vaastu.)

Through precise mathematical formulas Mayan was able to recreate the process of consciousness becoming conscious in structures such as buildings, temples, statues, dance, music and several other modes of expression. These structures created in this way became “live” or living structures.  One might say that through the knowledge of “consciousness becoming conscious,” life was breathed into them. In addition, through precise mathematical formulas, Mayan was able to create structures that were alive with pure consciousness but also resonated specifically to the individual resonance of any given human being. Thus, the human being had direct and immediate contact with Pure Consciousness making the individual more alive and vibrant.

Consciousness Becoming Conscious

Consciousness Becoming Conscious

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