Key Points

Vastu 2 Vaastu: Changing the planet one house at a time.

Crucial points and considerations in Vastu consulting  that support Consciousness Becoming Conscious – Vastu becoming Vaastu:

The Grid

The earth has a flow of energy that is called “the grid. This flow of energy is related to the earth’s rotation at the equator.  It flows North and South in alignment with true north rather than magnetic north. When a house or structure is aligned precisely with “The Grid” the effects of Vastu are realized. Another aspect of The Grid is the solar energy that flows east and west as the sun moves across the sky.  When a home is properly aligned with the north/ south grid it is automatically aligned with the east west grid. 

The Mother Wall

The “Mother Wall “ is the primary wall or container that serves to create a space for consciousness to become conscious.  In a home, for example, it is often the main four walls of the house. We call it “mother wall” because it forms the structure that gives birth to consciousness becoming conscious.

Ayadi Calculation

The Ayadi calculation is the exact mathematical calculation that scientifically equates to your personal resonance/vibration and the resonance of the specific house or piece of jewelry (statue etc.)  With the ayadi calculation a number of factors are considered in determining exactly what size the mother wall must be in order to resonate the effect of consciousness becoming conscious within you when you enter and reside in a specific house.   This is a vital piece of information that supports the fullness of the Vastu effect.


Once the ayadi calculation is determined, the structure is divided into 9 by 9 modules.  The modules can be square or rectangular. These modules help locate important features such as windows and doors on the appropriate grid lines. This maximizes the positive effect of the grid, solar energies and cosmic energies. Extensions (rooms) of various shapes and forms can be added beyond the mother wall but only in accordance with the mathematical formulas of the ayadi and modules.


The Brahmasthan

The Brahmasthan is the central point of the structure. It is the central module, and two to three adjacent modules, of the 9 by 9 grid formed by the mother wall.  It is the nucleolus of space from which and in which consciousness becomes conscious. Locating the Brahmasthan is of vital importance in breathing life into a structure.  This central point can be likened to the nucleus of an atom around which energetic forces revolve.  Maximum benefit arises when this central area is designed in harmony with the rest of the structure.

The Thread of Light

The Thread of Light is a clear pathway of light energy that moves through the house in a straight line from the properly placed front door to a back door or window.  This Thread of Light can be likened to the kundalini energy of the human body in that it allows for the free flow of energy through the structure. That free flow of energy interacts with the aliveness of the house making the entire structure even more vibrant.  When properly placed, the structure lives and breathes harmoniously.

The Front Entrance

The correct front entrance placement is vital to the general effect that consciousness becoming conscious has on a home or structure.  This placement determines which cosmic forces flow through the entrance and what the effects are. For example, a main entrance in the northeast quadrant (placed in a very specific, mathematically determined position) is very supportive to health, family relationships, and relationships in general. The front entrance placed in the very center of the south-facing wall creates a harmful effect on the occupants.  Moving that door to the module east or west of south center using specific mathematical equations will do the opposite and actually enhance the lives of the occupants. It is said, “the eyes are the doorway to the Soul.” In this case “the door is the highway to the Soul.”

Other considerations

The Vastu Consultant, trained in Mayonic Science, takes many other things into consideration including slope of land, flow of underground water, roads, bodies of water, quality of soil, vegetation, flowing water on the surface (streams and rivers), the flow of water through pipes in the building, ecological building materials, and much more. The unique aspect of Mayonic Science, the original form of Vastu, is that these considerations are based on mathematics and physics rather than superstition.

The impact of applying these Vastu principles to a structure (home, office, church, temple, apartment, village, statue, painting, piece of jewelry, etc.) is that that structure, regardless of size, becomes a “ living structure.”

Without applying Vastu principles, specifically Mayonic Science and Technology, the structure, jewelry, art or other object is “dead” or more accurately, non-vibrant or less vibrant. That means that consciousness is dormant and unexpressed.  In that state, the individual associated with that structure does not experience the possible gain and benefit available from Pure Energy.

The “dead” or non-vibrant object or structure can, in some cases, drain the life of the individual and create ill health and misfortune. Dr. Ganapati Sthapati calls this a "sick" house.  It is as if the “dead” or non-vibrant structure is seeking energy from the owner/resident in an effort to struggle for life. The result is that the owner/resident begins to struggle for life.

In a properly constructed or rectified vastu structure, life energy and harmony is ADDED to the owner and occupant.



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