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The world's prime site for Vastu / Vaastu knowledge and course of study in the Vastu Shastras as diseminated by the pre-eminent author, scholar, the late Shilpi Guru Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati. The program is a 66plus credit curricula featuring web based, tele-conference and on-site practical training. Graduates have come from a variety of countries around the world including USA, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, India, Brazil, U.K. and more.

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Architect S. Santhana Krishnan B.Sc.,T. Arch,M. A., M. Phil (Sanskrit) - one of the foremost Vastu Temple Architects in the world. Mr. Krishnan has studied extensively for over 20 years under Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati and is the lead architect on numerous major Vastu temple projects in India and around the globe.

Architect Krishnan is an esteemed AUM S&T board and faculty member.

Web site: Vastuarchitecture India

Architect Krithhika Karrupiah B.Sc. Arch is also member of the AUM S&T board and an active faculty member. She is a graduate in the Masters Architecture program at Lawrence Institute of Technolgy, Southfield, MI, USA. Architect Karrupiah has trained with Dr. V. Ganapati Shtapati as a Vastu architect and designer.

K & SK Architects, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Web site: Vastuarchitecture India

email: S. Krishnan / / K. Karrupiah


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