Consulting Services

Vastu 2 Vaastu: Changing the planet one house at a time.

Architectural Services

From the ground up our highly skilled Vastu architects and consultants can help you with proper land and site selection, building design, building construction, landscaping, material selection (including eco friendly materials, building, building supervision, contracting and sub contracting -  all aspects of new construction.

Interior Design

The Vastu Consultant, trained in Mayonic Science, is an expert in helping you select colors, textures and furnishings appropriate for your existing home or for your new vastu home.   Each quadrant of your home is predominated by one of the five elements (NE- water; SE – fire; SW – earth; NW – air; and the central module or Brahmasthan is dominated by space).

Selecting appropriate materials, colors, textures and furnishings based up mayonic principles goes far beyond ordinary interior design.

Specific living functions (bedrooms, home office, meditation room, kitchen, etc.) are assigned to specific quadrants of your home based upon the predominating element, the Grid, Mother wall, and needs of the occupant. This assignment of living space is based on mathematical calculations that have their foundation in the physics of light and sound rather than on superstition. This foundation of this process relies upon the exact mathematical location of the Mother wall and the Brahmasthan based upon the ayadi calculation. Interior design must be based on these factors otherwise its effect is only on a surface level.

The appropriate assignment of living space and the appropriate selection and arrangement of belongings in a home amplifies the Vastu effect of consciousness becoming conscious.


The Vaastu Consultant, trained in Mayonic Science, is an expert in all phases of Vaastu Shastra for home and business. Most existing  homes may not be  rectified because they do not have the fundamental Vaastu compliant features needed to create the Vaastu effect (proper orientation and exact measurement of main wall).  A consultant can do a Vaastu assessment on your existing home to determine what features exist and what the current energy pattern of your home is.   This process includes locating the Grid, assessing the qualities of the main wall, suggestions for repositioning the front door,  and other recommendations as needed. Our consultants are experienced in building design and construction and therefore know what changes are possible and practical.   Suggestions for living in harmony with the energies of the home may be offered as well as an assessment for building a small backyard Vaastu compliant Vaastu Gharba (meditation room, studio, or office).  This small building will not correct the energy of your house but it will bring pure Vaastu energy onto your site for you to enjoy for meditation, study, art, business etc.

Vastu Jewelry Calculations

"...forms produced by the application of vastu science are forms of the spirit..." Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati.

With our expertise you may receive the benefits of owning and wearing a "Vastu structure" specifically calculated for your own Vastu. These pieces of Vastu jewelry hold the complete vibration and manifestation of pure consciousness and have an effect of awakening pure consciousness within you just as a Vastu home does. The results are especially powerful for joytis recommendations. However, simple but powerful pieces are available without a joytish recommendation. Vastu stands on its own without the need for a joytishi.


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