Why Vastu 2 Vaastu Consulting?

Vastu 2 Vaastu: Changing the planet one house at a time.

V2 Consultants have the good fortune to be trained in the specific application of original Vastu - Mayonic Science - the very precise and scientific mathematical formulas for enlivening Pure Consciousness, making homes, temples, even jewelry living structures. These living structures benefit the owner and humanity beyond imagination. Health, welfare, finances, relationships, and spiritual development (whatever your own path might be) improve immeasurably from living in a properly designed Vastu structure.

Living in a Vastu home or wearing a piece of Vastu jewelry that resonates specifically with the owner assists an individual and family in doing only life supporting actions, thinking life supporting thoughts, and living in harmony with the laws of nature.  Individuals living in properly executed vastu homes report increased happiness, improved health, improved relationships, improved financial status, and overall increase in well-being.

Our Consulting

Our consultants are trained to apply ancient  scientific principles to the field of Vastu that are unknown to most consultants in related fields. Their training is extensive and includes intensive study in all aspects of Mayonic Science.

We have a vast array of talent and experience and use the team approach when deemed necessary. V2 Consulting engages in Vastu architectural design for new and existing homes and structures. V2 Consulting engages in Vastu Interior design, elevating your home to a purer and more vibrant state of existence.

V2 Consulting engages in Vastu rectification of existing homes to bring them into alignment with the laws of nature through Mayonic Science.



For your Vastu design services email: jmercay@vastu2vaastu.com

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